[HowTo] Request support

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Strong of its many members, the Manjaro support forum can provide you help whenever you have an issue with your Manjaro installation. But in order to work efficiently, we shall also ask you to follow three major points.

Provide context

Simply signaling an issue is rarely enough to understand how it occurred. It is thus important to provide details on how it happened:

Entice others to help you

This may seem like a weird thing to ask, but the point here is to avoid rebuking members from helping because of your manners.

  • Create one thread per issue.
    Mixing several issues in a single thread makes support more difficult, as it would require to always contextualize which issue a reply is for.

  • Do not hijack an existing thread
    If the solution provided in that thread does not work for you, or if it doesn’t provide a solution yet, do not add your issue to it, as they might have different causes and thus may require different solutions.
    You can though link that thread from yours, as one you checked in order to fix your issue.

  • Use a concise, relevant title.
    Use the title to broadly summarize your issue. Pleas for help do not provide any information, while details should be kept in the main post, where you can organize them.

  • Provide asked information
    Failing to provide additional information may prevent us from understanding your situation, and thus from suggesting you appropriate solutions.
    If you do not know or understand how to get that information, you must say so.

  • Do not write as you would in an instant messenger.
    Use punctuation and paragraphs, check your grammar.

  • Do your best to be understood.
    When someone questions your description, it usually means you didn’t use the right words. Sometimes it is worth using more words to correctly explain yourself.

  • Do not rant.
    It’s easy to blame Manjaro and/or its community for your issue. But that does not make you any closer from finding why that issue happens in the first place, and thus neither are you from resolving it.

  • Don’t be impatient.
    This support forum is not a hotline that guarantees a 5-minute answer, but a community forum where members voluntarily help when they have the time and knowledge.

  • Don’t pick the wrong fight.
    No need to lose your temper from other people’s remarks and interrogations, even if they seem “noobish” or irrelevant.
    This forum has rules, which apply equally to newcomers and veterans. If you deem a moderator needs to intervene, flag the infringing post and keep on resolving your issue.

Stay active

Asking for support does not mean someone else will take full control of the matter for you. In order for the solution to come, and afterwards to stay, there are some things you still need to do.

Be smart in the terminal

Resolution suggestions and extra information provision very often take form of a command to use in the terminal. In some cases, such provided command lacks argument values because you didn’t provide that information before. You will then need to replace the relevant parts with the associated value only you know.

Keep searching

The community may be knowledgeable, but we don’t know everything. Sometimes nobody can timely provide a definitive solution to your issue, so it is important you keep looking for answers on your side.

Have the will to learn

Contrarily to systems that magically solve anything for you, or others that change slowly enough to avoid most troubles, Manjaro is a cutting-edge distribution which, despite regularly holding updates to provide an as smooth experience as possible, still stays very close to upstream and the changes they bring. As such, it is important for you to at least learn why issues arise.
We certainly do not ask you to learn how to debug application code nor to build a kernel, but simply knowing the overall logic behind some processes. And on the long run, maybe, you will even be able to resolve anything yourself!

Highlight the solution

If someone does provide a solution to your thread, please mark it so. This way, other users sharing your issue will instantly know what to do. This will also show the thread as resolved when browsing and searching.


As you may find solutions or knowledge by yourself, we would be very grateful if you contribute in return, sharing your findings – even for your own issues! – and maybe becoming a helper yourself on the long run. :wink:

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Google search is now forcibly enabled in Firefox
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Realtime Kernel 5.15.7-1-rt23 and missing effivarfs/efibootmgr
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Disabled all extensions after change Wayland to x11
Suckless patching, static variable in .h file error (C)
It's not saving to the disk?
I am having issues in manjaro regarding msr register
Wireless WiFi not working Manjaro KDE
Which program manages the GUI for logging in (including picking a desktop environment)? Where and when is the $PATH environment variable set?
Updated: Qonos upgrade breaks Samba - reproduced on two systems
CPU frequently rises to 100% and keeps slowing down
Black Screen after installing nvidia proprietary drivers
Pantheon lockscreen+mouse&touchpad plug + system-tray
No password prompt asked, hence tasks like installing kernels, editing user profiles fail
My laptop is not connected to the power, bluetooth can not use, in windows10 without this problem
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Latest libwacom 2.0.0 makes input devices unresposive
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How to open a file on gdrive directly instead copy it to cache folder
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Bluetooth connectivity issues in display manager with XFCE and KDE
How to prevent a black wallpaper to occur in the Manjaro KDE case if I have to switch HDMI inputs or turn off the TV?
Write issue with mounted drive
WiFi is delayed in KDE
Linux, Grub, Uefi dont't see SSD
Xmodmap user configuration freezes Pc when Bluetooth device is Connected
Not booting, partition corrupt
Bluetooth Adapter not working on Manjaro-i3
Cura 4.13.0 crashing
Weird Screen after plugging in charger on low battery
The file path cannot be selected when running VBox. The terminal prompts as above
Firefox download handler UNABLE to download zips
Moving Image to trash on digikam
[BUG] gnome shell doesn't work
(Very) long delay after logging in
Python not installing
Dual monitor display port no signal after logging in
Bluetooth Device not working just keep "SCANNING"
Manjaro XFCE doesn't boot everytime
Steam games won't launch
Kernel updates keep breaking nvidia driver
WiFi Verbindung wird plötzlich extrem langsam / Neuverbinden hilft kurzzeitig
Strange systemd failed boot up messages
Sound Issue - Dummy Output
Window Compositor always turning off after reboot
System only shows _ and won't boot up
Can’t log in after changing SDDM
KDE Plasma desktop configuration resets after update
Screen got frozen, display 0 and 1, what happened
Gnome doesn't load when HDMI Monitor is connected
I3wm &/or xorg does not work after rebooting from having too many windows open
Erratic plasma desktop startup (desktop area black and unresponsive, panel works)
Resolution of external monitor gets reset once everytime after I switch it off and on
My laptop only loading but not screen on
"No default controller available" when troubleshooting Bluetooth
New user, stuck in bios after trying to install Nvidia drivers
All Gnome extensions disabled after reboot since update
GPGME error: No data failed to synchronize all databases (invalid or corrupted database (PGP signature))
Could not connect to mobile hotspot, hotspot is not showing in menu
Manjaro deepin: cannot shutdown when empty passwords
Can’t link to external screen
Touchpad mouse flings to the bottom left on click
Freeze when I change desktop
Grub broken after Windows 10 reinstallation. Which disk to fix grub on?
Video players freeze after the first frame
Add global menu
Installed bleachbit - now blank screen
Can not copy files to second hard drive
System freezes and restarts when opening certain programs
Cambiar la posición de los botones de ventana en XFCE
Grub Menu not Displayed Correctly After GPU Upgrade
Is my app use a discrete graphics card (NVIDIA)?
Sudo for all my commands for me
Please assist with Dual Monitor setup
Intel Wifi card is not detected after Suspend crash (manjaro windows 10 dual boot)
My voice sounds 'high-pitched' when recording via pipewire
After updating kernel to 5.18.3, system fails to start
Gmail unaccessible with Evolution / Thunderbird etc
Qbittorrent won't start
Belgian eID not working
How can I switch /home partition?
PAMAC GUI- Add Remove Software-Not exiting correctly
Fslint-gui searches do not work
Can not boot my computer
Sound and defective hearing
Fresh install install of stable Manjaro Gnome shows white screen "Oh no! Something went wrong"
Errors on many app updates
Monitor via type-c
Is this a RAM issue?
My first help request
Unable to mount FAT32 fs pendrive:/
Black screen after installation, only work after set nomodeset
Netgear A6210: supported?
Wired Connection Keeps Deactivating
Manjaro stuck at /dev/sda1 clean:
Can't find Opengl, and mouse feels wobbly
Steam games won't launch
Manjaro dual boot option
Manjaro live usb does not start after GRUB
Keyboard key (layout) issues - Coolermaster Devastator 3
Gnome Shell doesn't start sometimes
After the update I am not getting to the graphical login
Mirrors all have connection timeout
Error while unzipping a file. "failed to make - directory"
My pc cannot enter sleep mode
Resolution for 2nd Monitor via HDMI
Cant start Manjaro
Black screen when playing Garry's Mod
GUI login fails for new installation
Internet Connection breaks up regularly
Debug_shell not working
Strange.. rolling back with TimeShift doesn't fix broken Nvidia update
Stylus stopped working after kernel update
Touchpad isn't found
System won’t launch
Conflict with internal loudspeakers BMAX B2 PLUS
Nvidia-smi: no devices were found
Won't boot after update, pacman no connection
Wifi issue on a notebook connected to an external screen (via USB-C/Thunderbolt3)
Issues Regarding Unbranded USB Bluetooth Adapter
Dual GPU not working
Microphone with white noise
Manjaro not booting after new partitions
Trick to launch a QEMU/KVM VM guest in full screen automatically?
3D Drucker Installieren
Webcam, Sound and PC issues
When using the touchpad the screen appears to have a freeze for a few seconds
Manjaro XFCE doesn’t recognize the integrated components of my 2020 Intel MacBook Pro
Astro A20 headphones not connecting as an audio sink
Particion no reconocida
CUPS: Unable to create PPD file
Yet another missing mic problem
Audio crackles when changing volume (Pulseaudio)
Volume mixer for individual applications like in windows [xfce]
Geen geluid na update
How to remove manjaro and reinstall windows back?
PCM2902 Audio Codec USB mic not working
Unable to connect to wifi after update. Ethernet works fine
Laptop cpu is overheating
Touchpad tap on Cutefish
Screensaver hangs system
Trace trap (core dumped) element-desktop
Red curtain of death after battery died
Read-only Hard Disk
A guy on telegram told me to bring my simple broken TTY shortcut issue here
WebCam stopped working on Asus Laptop
Cannot Connect to Database Server
I can't close my computer
Mpd stopped working after update
Lost Wifi Capabilities overnight
Crash & reset - windows 10 & linux
Can't boot normally
Is my cpu that bad
Screen turn black and only mouse cursor
Screen Brightness Changing Randomly
Tweak Manjaro to run faster than WIN10
Wifi connection fails on Thinkpad X230
Bug report Manjaro Gnome kernel 5.16/5.17 sluggish/freezes on i5-8500 UHD630
New installation, worked until I shut down now can't boot
Color management
A faliure occurred when I try to install chromium-wayland-vaapi
Unable to update manjaro-xfce-settings
Manjaro failing to boot after kernel update
Network deactivated periodically
Hung at “clean, …files, …blocks”
Only an external monitor is detected on Laptop after Update (NVIDIA)
Slow graphics issues after update 2022/06/12. Perhaps NVIDIA driver related
I have problem booting Manjaro in discrete GPU mode after installing in dynamic mode and vice versa
Cannot control brightness on secondary monitor
I cant update anything or install in my xfce manjaro i installed
I tried to install something from AUR that I shouldn’t have and it messed up GNOME
[Stable Update] 2022-05-13 - Kernels, Mesa, Nvidia, Gnome 42, PipeWire, LIbreOffice, KDE Gear & Frameworks, Virtualbox, Qemu 7.0
Sound not working Only Dummy output
Downloads not downloading
Manjaro don't recognize external Monitor
Having problems booting Manjaro again
Vulkan nvidia 510 drivers
Can't change keyboard layout
Problem with the graphics in Manjaro of my laptop lenovo z50
Lost Electricity, Now When Boot OS Some Apps Are Open?
Broadcom-wl-dkms | newbie question
Mouse pointer (launch wheel) spinning circle when on desktop
Did brightness depends from graphics cards?
My laptop's ui is way too small
Manjaro boot fail
[fixed]Java rookie issue
I can't execute prime-run
Bluetooth adapter not found problem
Cant put Scale in 200%
Usb ports , maybe drivers
Boot Problematik seit gestern
300 plus updates to do one is making manjaro not work
Broken installation after big upgrade
KeePassXC stopped working
Messed up graphics after waking up from sleep
HP Pavilion Gaming 15 ec1xx Since latest Stable update system wont resume w/ connected USB mouse
Multiple Display Setup Problems after Systemupgrade
Set secondary sound card as default
Free Download Manager font rendering problem
Restore or regenerate LUKS keyslot #1
Resume from suspend fails and errors out, leaving me at a logging console
Four applications stopped working
I need help to install a Brother MFC-L3745CDW printer
Need some help updating the OS and Uninstalling an app
How did you make your font rendering less ... all over the place?
Need some help updating the OS and Uninstalling an app
Manjaro sway, not didno cursor, but it is
Usb ports , maybe drivers
Media keys on lenovo keyboard SK-8823 stopped working
Serious wifi issues
VIM3 Manjaro 22 - Just Stops
Wine is not working on Manjaro linux KDE Plasma
System frequent freezes
Games freezes mid game along with display and few applications
Screen Rendering issue
File manager side bar gone
Monitor not detected anymore after system/packages update
After installation I can only see one partition and its a read only
Cannot repair after update
Remove yaourt on manjaro
Cannot connect using bluetooth after swapping motherboard
Unable to write to non-system drives
Cant remove firefox
Secondary Hard Drive Auto Mount & Its On Read Only Mode
Secondary Hard Drive Auto Mount & Its On Read Only Mode
Can't revmove video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime
No wifi since change to iwctl
Stable update is breaking my wireless connection
No Mic Input from my G935
(given up for now) Need assistance with Nvidia Multihead monitor config
Team Viewer / Anydesk problems
Moving files between HDD drives hangs in one file
PC hard frozen with no responce
Unable to boot after installation, black screen with blinking cursor
Manjaro does not detect external monitors at the same time
Manjaro not installing
Mouse and keyboard not responding on laptop
Yay Vs. pamac... sometimes yay fails
Manjaro doesn't load xfce GUI after kernel upgrade
Wine is broken after the last big GNOME update
How to report a bug?
NetworkManager: no secrets: No agents were available for this request
System won't start after Manjaro update
No wifi available on plasma kde
Help needed with touchpad problems
Can't connect to wifi
Firefox 99 hard crashes my computer
Can't install AMD or nvidia support, can't use discord either
Is it okay to keep outdated software?
Solving errors in linux
My hard drive is read only and i can't write on it
Japanese input using Japanese keyboard
Trouble with Firefox 98
Error in RStudio installation
Mysql is not working
3/4 of the screen goes black for a few seconds when i run a pygame window
When I open a software, it doesn't show in taskbar
Buzzing noise from speakers when using external sound card
Steam issue, games won't start anymore
On a newly installed Manjaro the printer will not print (CUPS) - Tar from old system possible?
[Stable Update] 2022-04-15 - Kernels, Mesa, Nvidia, Budgie, PipeWire, LIbreOffice, KDE Frameworks, Wine
Vulkan Radeon performance issues
Steam is not starts and not working
How can I use my nvidia graphic card
Manjaro GNOME, "Activities" not response at initial, after search something works again
Light not opening?
No sound on Manjaro on asus laptop
Detection of hard drives on thunderbolt port(s)
Is it possible to undo an upgrade?
Lutris and GPU drivers
Manjaro loads the graphical installer but freezes within the first second
Laptop doesn't conect to wifi after suspending
Error loading firmware
Battery status and icon missing
3/4 of the screen goes black for a few seconds when i run a pygame window
Cannot connect to LAN/Wifi after system wakes from suspended state
Manjaro won't boot after update, Nvidia problems
Random system freeze while browsing
I Need To Run WhatsApp (not the web version) on My Machine
Still Splash Screen: Unable to proceed to login screen
Timeshift y particiones en un disco externo
How to move Steam games to external hard drive?
"502 Bad Gateway” error trying to install new software
KDE‌ Right Click Delay When Using Two Screens
Chromium libva error
Fresh install manjaro i3 and first update
Pamac eats up my disk space while updating packages from the AUR
My dgpu is recognized on vulkan games but aint recognized on opengl
Wi-Fi stopped working after updating drivers and rebooting system
Inxi -Fazy says pipewire is running, but I cannot delete it as Add/Remove says it isnt installed?
Can't boot when the power cable is not plugged in
Startup shortcut to kernel options
Can't Update OS (Electron Error)?
Is Intel Z590 supported?
How to make TP-Link Archer T3U work?
ProtonVPN " Unknown error occurred"
Stop killing process if it stops responding
Is it safe to format boot partition?
GNOME 42 broke my Bluetooth
I Want to use Internet Download Manager in Manjaro linux
Changing GPU Output
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Bug after update
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Manjaro safe monitor settings
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Manjaro safe monitor settings
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[RÉSOLU] Activer le Bluetooth au démarrage
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Support Kde plasma. please)
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CSGO low fps GTX970 after 2023 update and fix
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Is it the problem with my screen? This started happening 2 days after installing Manjaro KDE Plasma
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Recent dependency problems from changes in package updates
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Brother laser printer trouble HL-L2300D
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ERROR: A failure occurred in build()
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Will this make a way to install it too?
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Could not satisfy dependencies: - unable to satisfy dependency 'openssl-1.1' required by python2
Unable to boot to manjaro (complete noob) been using it for a 3 months and out of nowhere this shows up
Resolution changes to 960x540 after adding user to bumblebee group
Problem is: No WiFi adapter found
[Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411] Can't see wifi connections after manjaro installation
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Welcome and introduce yourself - 2022
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Need help with the graphics driver
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Some actions happen twice?
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MSI Modern 14 with Ryzen 5 4500U touchpad detected but not working
Non-essential firmware
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Desktop environment does not start on load. I have to run startx every time
Pipewire, no HDMI audio using the Asus i5 11400, gpu 730, pulseaudio works fine with all outputs.Tested with Kde, XCFE and Wayland
Gladiator NXT joystick not registered on AntiMicroX?
Odd booting Behaviour/Boot Lottery On HP Elitebook 735
Linux keeps turning screen off after a couple of seconds, it's like a loop, go to the post 6 and look for the video link
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Manjaro XFCE suddenly freezes after last update
The color depth is too low on my laptop with Manjaro OS
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External monitor (primary) behind laptop freezes frequently
Nvidia dGPU not recognised by the bios and the OS (X13 2021, Manjaro (Sway) , Kernel 6.04)
Desktop is black, applications and task bar work
Installer without graphical interface
A failure occurred in build()
Lib32 error dependency
Instalador de Manjaro no inicia
Realtek RTL8188FTV 802.11b/g/n 1T1R 2.4G WLAN Adapter type: USB no Wi-Fi adaptor found
External monitor (primary) behind laptop freezes frequently
Error download visual studio code
GNOME Manjaro no sound at all
How to clone my os from one drive to another?
How to clone my os from one drive to another?
Steam - disk read error
Screen resolution changes to the minimum
Host Manjaro guest Debian 11 VBoxGuestAdditions
Freeze/black screen when
OBS-Studio not working after last update
Dolphin don't see system directory
BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller not connecting to Manjaro desktop
Kernel Bug: Page Fault
Manjaro stuck at 60hz
🔥 Upgrading manjaro-system removed glibc
Manjaro booting is very slow (30/40sec)
Sikaris 22.0.1 (2023-01-24) Restart disables extensions for nvidia :'D
Blurry text while scrolling when night light is enabled
Avr-gcc versions 11 and above crashes (esp. with Arduino sketches)
Manjaro Linux LIVE USB: Cannot connect to wifi
Unable to connect Wi-Fi realtek Manjaro
Laptop is non responsive after turning into suspend mode
Manjaro doesn't recognize both bluetooth and wifi on chipset b650 ryzen9 7950x/
Update Manjaro and Material Shell
Using KDE and having problems in the Add/Remove Software program
Laptop's performances are low considering that it's running Manjaro
Network issue , When wifi and bluetooth simultaneously connected
System crashes when running command "xfce4-popup-whiskermenu" via "Super L"
Can't get Realtek RTL8192EU 802.11b/g/n WLAN Adapter to work, maybe driver updating help?
My screen freezes after 5-10 mins from boot
Laptop hangs at boot up
Printer Canon iP-1980 isn't working
How to change the dependency libmysqlclient of phpMyAdmin to libmariadbclient
Is suspend / resume broken on manjaro as well?
Black screen after hp-uninstall
(i5-11400H, rtx 3050 TI) Laptop won't boot manjaro
No network connection even WiFi is working stable
(i5-11400H, rtx 3050 TI) Laptop won't boot manjaro
If I change my resolution?
Gnome 43 evolution no tray icon wayland
I keep breaking configs
Why does kate use so much cpu?
Surface Pro 3 Wifi stopped working once I updated my system
About the installation, failed to scan the disc. KDE and i3, xfce is OK.The newest stable version.卡在了扫描disc的过程。

Ca me rappelle les “RTFM” en réponse que je recevais à mes débuts dans les années 2000, demander de l’aide c’est bien et légitime mais en dernier recours en gros…oui ok mais quand on boot sur un écran noir demander de l’aide en premier recours c’est bien aussi, tout dépend de l’importance du cas en fait

It reminds me of the “RTFM” in response I received when I started in the 2000s, asking for help is good and legitimate but as a last resort basically…yes ok but when you boot on a black screen asking for help as a first resort is also good, it all depends on the importance of the case in fact

Moderator edit: Added English translation via Google Translate


Oui c’est légitime, mais l’idée est que bien souvent, la solution existe déjà, même pour des problèmes graves. :wink:

Après, je pense que dans la plupart des cas, quand la solution est déjà documentée, on continuera de simplement l’y lier. Si on lie ce tutoriel, c’est que l’utilisateur ne s’est vraiment pas foulé…

Yes it is legitimate, but the idea is that very often, the solution already exists, even for serious problems. :wink:

Afterwards, I think that in most cases, when the solution is already documented, we will continue to simply link it to it. If we link this tutorial, it is that the user has really not trodden…

Moderator edit: Added English translation via Google Translate

It is not that much comfortable to search from mobile device (also note that mobile internet connection may be not perfect to open many tabs in try to find solution for exact case) when you can’t boot your system and have no LiveCD to boot up from, so the importance is also a factor here.

Now this topic deserves to be linked to a user’s “please help”-described topics instead of “provide good information” thread as it is more general and links to “provide good info” thread also.

I think it is great defragmentation, consolidation, organization work done here to start to solve problems as by themselves and by providing well-described topics.
Thank you for [How to].
May be to made it to be wiki-post?

Further improvement ideas:

  1. (may be separate topic, which will be linked here): how to search a solution for the problem a user met.
  2. to post the problem description and solution which works for a user to make others to be able to find it.


True. It is not the simplest work to search, find, several times to try and to finally solve a problem.


May be we can pin this thread in sub-category instead of “How to provide good information” or along side with it?
Can’t find that option from within my user account.

:information_source: I reworked the tutorial in order to focus on the support part. The troubleshooting part has been moved to a separate guide: