Startup shortcut to kernel options

I am having some problems after updating my kernel. The system is hanging on startup and I need to gain access to the advanced options where I can change kernels.
What is the shortcut to this advanced kernel menu?
I am on an older laptop that has been fully updated

the ESC key should give you access to that
… in the right moment - just after the bios initializes …

later you can change /etc/default/grub
to always display that selection menu to you
it is hidden by default

in order to improve the “slickness” by not displaying too much technical information
but - sadly - impeding tasks such as that you are wanting to do

I think
the entry to change is the third line from top of that file:

… probably just comment it out - (put a # in front)
but I’m not sure

just confirmed it (by trying it for myself)

put a # in front of the line


… or what @stephane just said:
change “hidden” to “menu” …

and run:
sudo update-grub
after any change to have it applied

this point ?

Thank you both …


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