KDE gets error after update

After update and reboot kde at startup get a error


current theme cannot be loaded due to the errors below, please select another theme.

file:///usr/share/sddm/themes/breeze/Main.qml:12:1: plugin cannot be loaded for module “org.kde.plasma.core”: Cannot load library /usr/lib/qt/qml/org/kde/plasma/core/libcorebindingsplugin.so: (/usr/lib/libQt5WaylandClient.so.5: invalid ELF header)

Using xorg
P.s: sorry for bad photo

there is no photo, since you need a higher trust level to post photos here…
enter into tty with ctrl + alt + f2 or f1-f6 keys, enter your username/password and rerun update again:
sudo pacman -Syyu
if there were no errors, and you are up to date run this:
sudo ldconfig
this should return nothing; if it does, post output from:
pacman -Qm

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pacman -Syyu:
No errors, only warnings like “systemd is newer than core”

pacman -Qm output:

datagrip 2023.1.2-1
flutter 3.10.3-1
mullvad-vpn 2023.3.2
mymonero 1.3.3-1
polymc-qt5-bin 5.1-1
python-vdf 3.4-2
sidequest-bin 0.10.36-1
tor-browser 12.0.6-1
visual-studio-code-bin 1.78.2-1

The image is here:


Fierichito, better press the link button (the fourth in the upper bar while you are writing a post) and paste the url of the photo.

were you switching branches? output from:
pacman-mirrors --get-branch

What error? Please post full logs, not useless screenshots and parts of logs that you think are relevant.

Please use proper formatting for terminal output.

Please also see: