My system has a habit of booting to a black screen

I have Manjaro KDE installed on my laptop’s NVMe SSD (Windows 10 is my primary system, installed on embedded storage); but from time to time, my Manjaro boots to a black screen, with only the cursor showing, and I am forced to restart the system. How do I stop Manjaro from booting to a black screen, other than having to erase the drive and reinstall?

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There’s a program in the repos called manjaro logs helper that makes it simple to read/upload logs. If you can upload the boot log from when you get a black screen (you can easily get previous boot log) then hopefully someone can find out whats going on

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Other Manjaro KDE users have reported similar issues
One of the solutions in those posts might work for you

Interesting. I was under the impression that my situation was extremely rare before I read all this.

Do they have a solution for a keyboard that becomes responsive even after logging on? I’ve had that situation as well and I assume the next upgrade (either the OS itself or the next Linux kernel) will fix it.

Forum has 22 results accepted as solved for “keyboard unresponsive”

Windows 10 is my primary system…
…from time to time, my Manjaro boots to a black screen

Check that Fast Startup (hybrid hibernation) is disabled on primary OS

How to disable Windows 10 fast startup (and why you'd want to) | Windows Central

Linux users will likely see complications with dual boot and virtualization

Changed the topic title - it is your system which has issues - not Manjaro in general.

Quite probably unlikely. It started after I upgraded the Linux kernel barely 3 weeks ago. I imagine I’d have to downgrade, then upgrade again, as a first step to removing the problem.