Audio systematically stops working a few seconds after startup

I have Manjaro Linux with KDE Plasma.

Audio had always worked as expected until today.
Suddenly I noticed that the audio wasn’t working, i.e. everything was silent.
The “Audio volume” widget shows “headphones” (I have external speakers connected to the output jack) as usual, and if I use the volume up/down keys, the volume bar shows on screen as expected, but there’s no sound. Muting and unmuting does nothing.

This was not after installing any software or doing anything audio-related.

So I restarted. Right after restart, audio was working.

However, it went silent again a few seconds later. And a couple of minutes later, the audio icon changed to the muted icon on its own. I can unmute and the icon changes, but audio never works.

I restarted again, and again the exact same thing. Audio works for the first few seconds or minutes then goes silent and then the tray icon changes to muted.

I tried unplugging the external speakers but it makes no difference.

Any idea?

I did install jack a few weeks ago, but I haven’t been using it since. I’m not starting it, I’m not using it.
The issues only started today.

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