Manjaro Version, Start Printer and Run Unclutter

Hi guys! I would like someone here to answer 3 questions for me…

  1. How to generate in the terminal output the complete description of the operating system, including all the details of the distribution version (for example, if it is beta or not)? Because the “uname” command shows summary information;

  2. Whenever I start the system, it is necessary to use the command “sudo systemctl start cups” to activate the printer driver. How do I set this activation to be automatic at system startup?

  3. Unclutter only works with the open terminal, unlike with Debian-based distributions. How do I make it current, regardless of running it on the terminal?


Next time, please create topics on individual issues.

inxi -Fza

sudo systemctl enable --now cups.service
sudo systemctl enable --now cups.socket
sudo systemctl enable --now cups.path


1 There are many awnsers
1 a: $ inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --width outputs some system info
1 b: $ uname-a outputs some system info
1 c: $ neofetch displays some more info.
1 d: $ pacman-mirrors --get-branch for branch info.

2 See the two posts linked below, make a post with your findings and settings to get some help.

3 $ sudo systemctl enable cups
To add to this, you might need to enable more. see the wiki on printing

4 Never used unclutter but does $ man unclutter produce a man page for it?

These 2 threads should give you some background on how to ask questions here and how to provide good info to help you help you and in turn help yourself and others:

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I apologize for not having consulted the forum rules.

Unfortunately it doesn’t show the distribution name with full information about its specific version, for example Manjaro 21.2pre1, which I think is still the current specific version of Manjaro I use, and that’s precisely why I wanted to check the exact full version via console , since system updates, including the distribution update, are continuous and do not inform you after the process is finished whether you have updated the version, and for which you have updated.

That is just the name of the.iso that you used to install. Manjaro is a curated rolling release and when fully updated is the latest version available for that branch (Stable, Testing or Unstable).

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Well, I’ll take the opportunity to fix my error by posting a topic about the difficulty I’m having with Geary separately.

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