The mouse/keyboard is free after turn off monitor, Any help?

Good day, I have an 8 Gb raspberry Pi 4 B, when I turn off the monitor (it is a television connected to the HDMI port) and turn it on again, the image freezes, I cannot move the mouse, the keyboard does not respond, the only option I have is to restart the system, turning it off and on from the power source.
What options can I take to avoid this problem, since I cannot have the screen on all the time?

This is the neofetch and uname result of my system:


OS: Manjaro ARM Linux aarch64
Host: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.4
Kernel: 6.1.69-1-MANJARO-RPI4
Packages: 1128 (pacman)
Shell: bash 5.2.21
Resolution: 1920x1080
DE: Plasma 5.27.10
WM: kwin
Theme: [Plasma], Breeze [GTK2/3]
Icons: [Plasma], breeze-dark [GTK2/3]
Terminal: konsole
CPU: (4) @ 2.2GHz
Memory: 2214MiB / 7789MiB (28%)
uname -a
Linux edgar-pi 6.1.69-1-MANJARO-RPI4 #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Dec 21 16:01:20 UTC 2023 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Thanking you for your kind participation and comments, I will provide any other information that is required.

Hi @Kerverosmx, and welcome!

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I would suggest the same I suggested here: