Keyboard gets stucked with ctrl or alt

hi to you all.

my new keyboard (daskeyboard 5qs) offen gets stucked with ctrl or alt when I use one of those keys. It’s like I am using one of them constantly. I get them unstuck when i hold them and mouse click.
When I get into different tty with pure console, everything works normal.

Any ideas how to fix this annoying issue?

You can follow this guide to confirm your thoughts: Keyboard input - ArchWiki

It turns out that sticky keys were problem. When I have disabled it, everything works like expected.
Accessibility → Keyboard → uncheck Use Sticky keys.

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It’s possible for food and various liquids to leave behind a sticky residue as well, which can result in the keys sticking again and again. You might need to peel the keys off the keyboard and use rubbing alcohol to clean underneath them to get rid of the sticky residue, which can be quite tough to remove.

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you are right, it could have been, that keys are mechanically stuck, but this time it was as mentioned above luckily just a settings problem, also welcome here to the forum

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