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Hello, I couldn’t update my system. I’m using manjaro-linux. Can Anybody help? I tried something but useless. Please check the image.
Thank you!

Moderator edit: removed useless screenshot. Please post the full update log otherwise no one can help

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Nice of you to include all of the relevant information.

For Other OS, run sudo apt-get upgrade :wink:

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you need to pacman -S pamac to update it before you update rest of system. I ran into same issue and had to figure it out myself as no help was provided to my post. [Testing Update] 2024-03-23 - Pacman 6.1, KDE Gear, Nvidia, Gstreamer, AMD ROCm - #42 by varikonniemi

Another copy/paste please… @andreas85

Ooh. I see what you did there, Uganda, you… :speak_no_evil:
You were suggesting it was Ubuntu!

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Welcome to Manjaro! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Have you already :mag: for your problem in the forum ? (Wisdom lies in asking → listening → reading :wink: )

Seems like you have something silly like yay-git installed while using a lesser branch.

Please revise this construct.

(ex: Can't Update yay-git)


Sorry, but your topic is…

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