Realtime Kernel 5.15.7-1-rt23 and missing effivarfs/efibootmgr


Post-installation of the RT kernel, i’m unable to mount. load or find efivarfs. And because of this I’m unable to use efibootmgr.

Everything works as expected when running the normal/generic kernel, 5.15.12-1, on the same system.

For both kernels, generic and RT, the following produces exactly the same output -

zcat /proc/config.gz | grep -i efi

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Have you testet to boot in UEFI-mode ?
When booting in legacy mode (BIOS) the evi variables are not accessible.

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Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I checked that I was booting into UEFI, multiple times, before posting.

I disabled legacy boot in BIOS to ensure I’m only booting in UEFI mode. I also don’t have a boot partition, only a EFI partition. Also, when I boot into the normal kernel via the same GRUB menu, I have access to efivarfs.

Also, the top lines in my dmesg log -

[    0.000000] efi: EFI v2.31 by INSYDE Corp.
[    0.000000] efi: ACPI=0xaaffe000 ACPI 2.0=0xaaffe014 SMBIOS=0xaaebef98 
[    0.013090] ACPI: UEFI 0x00000000AAFFC000 000236 (v01 LENOVO CB-01    00000001 ACPI 00040000)
[    0.013154] ACPI: Reserving UEFI table memory at [mem 0xaaffc000-0xaaffc235]