Manjaro Cinnamon entered FALL BACK MODE?

OS: Manjaro Cinnamon
Desktop: Lenovo Think center
Graphics card: Nvidia GT-1030

Was using Kdenlive to edit a video which I did many times last night no issue - I go to do it this time and as the video is rendering my cinnamon enters FALL BACK MODE… I have never encountered this issue before anyway to fix it?

I have sense rebooted and so far everything is working fine but would still like some tips in case it happens again

Install (or reinstall) your graphic card drivers.

Assuming you mean Nvidia-Video?

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Have you already :mag: for your problem in the forum ? (Wisdom lies in reading :wink: )

The most common reason for Cinnamon Desktop crashing is the applets or extensions. You may want to disable extensions and applets if it happens again, then enable one by one until the issue happens again, then you will know which one is the cause.

If you think that Kdenlive might be causing it, try the kdenlive-appimage from the AUR.