Connecting my second monitor causes my desktop to crash

Connecting my second monitor causes my desktop to crash (KDE Wayland, nvidia 1660 TI).
If I set nvidia only in optimus-manager (i typically use hybrid) connecting the monitor sometimes works, sometimes still causes a crash. I had no problems with either mode before the update.
Does anybody have suggestion what to do? (I tried to boot using Kernel 5.15 and 5.10)

Downgrading the nvidia driver from 495 to the 470 series did not resolve the problem, same behavior as before

After removing and installing the proprietary nvidia driver several times, for some reason connecting the monitor works now (driver 495.46). … …

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The needed wattage of the GPU is what matters, not the number of monitors.

The crash resulted in the error. It was as if the computer had been unplugged.

For the time being, I’ll put the PSU away…

In any case, if the RX580 causes your computer to crash while the Quadro p400 does not, the RX580 is at blame.

Is it possible for you to instal the RX580 on a different computer to see if the problem is related to the RX580?