Webcam, Sound and PC issues

First thing first, the webcam I have is Aukey PC-LM1E.

I’ve tried connecting it to multiple distors including Ubuntu, Debian, and Mint. However, since my main is Manjaro I am posting here. Although it works best on Manjaro, the issue is basically the same on all.

The issue:

Webcam is sometimes working, sometimes not. I might need to plug in several times before it starts to work. Also, when it is detected in the system, the system became very unstable, freezes, very slow boot time, the login page is unresponsive, and when it is booted there is no sound from my speakers (tried both, 3.5mm and USB connection)

Basically tried all of the suggestions, such as updating or downgrading kernel, installing Linux headers, and whatever you can find on other forums, but nothing fixes it.

After doing some debugging I found out that it is the PulseAudio that is struck and not starting properly and I think that is causing issues. However, I am quite a newbie for hardware-software issues on Linux so I don’t know how to fix it.

The only way I fixed the issue was on one machine where I had ubuntu installed and then installed media_build(you can find it on Github since I can’t post links) which happened to resolve the issue. This solution I found on some other forum posts.

If anyone knows what could be the issue, that would be very helpful. If you need more info please ask

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