Cannot get external display's color depth right

I’ve been using Manjaro for 2 weeks now and have ironed down most of my issues with it. I am running Dell G3 laptop, I’ve installed optimus-manager and got it working, but I still have not been able to fix color depth issue on my external monitor. I cannot even find what color depth is exactly set to, but I can describe this issue as all tones of the same colors look the same. This issue, however, doesn’t appear on laptop screen - colors look normal there. What can I do to fix this?

Most likely both Monitors are using 24bit
Run from terminal:
xwininfo -root | grep Depth

Also, might consider providing more info as explained here - [HowTo] Receive better support

bogdancovaciu, Thank you for your reply.
Indeed, it report depth of 24 for both of the displays. So, what else can be a reason for a “deep fried” looking image?

You tagged KDE … so i guess you are on KDE Plasma. Without knowing your hardware, i can only speculate that you enabled the Night Color in System Settings.