NTFS partition unmountable after resize during installation

Hey i will provide an error Message tomorrow but for now I need to know if you shrink a partition in the installer will the data stored at the end of the partition be lost or moved to free sectors I made sure there is 40gb of space in the partition and shrunk it by 30gb. But now the partition cannot be mounted again it’s an NTFS partition if that has to do anything. The partition was not formatted during Installation. Did I duck up big time ?

Do you have access to boot into Windows and run a chkdsk on the NTFS filesystem?

Did you only “shrink” the partition, or did you also “shift” where it begins?

Do you have an error when you try to mount it?

Yes they are lost.

Resizing a partition always carries the risk data loss - especially if data is located at the end of the partition.

Always perform the resize of a Windows partition - using Windows Diskmanager.

I only shrunk it the free space I used for the majaro install.
I’ll try. @maycne.sonahoz I’ll add the error message in a bit.

Ntfsfix has done it. It just corrupted the partition table. Thanks for your time anyways.

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