Bluetooth Device not working just keep "SCANNING"

I am pretty much new user of Linux who just switched from Windows to Linux. And also I love it.

But, the thing is that my BLUETOOTH which was was working in Windows OS is not working in Manjaro KDE edition…

It just keep showing ‘Scanning and Scanning’ and nothing happens.

Actually I am using a Laptop with Manjaro KDE installed in it.

I am using a HP Laptop with i3 5th Generation x64based processor and 4GB RAM.

Everything is actually working almost fine. I haven’t found and issue with speed and all these things…

But the main thing is with Bluetooth hardware. It doesn’t recognize my Laptop Bluetooth hardware.
Always I have to use a Bluetooth dongle for connecting to Bluetooth…

Because it’s just only be able to find when I connect my tp-link bluetooth dongle with my laptop after that it start to search and I be able to find devices nearby me…

Please Help Me Get Rid Out Of This Thing… Any Solution? Please I can’t go with that or I have to go back to windows again :frowning:

Increase your chances of solving your issue:

Provide Information:

Did you already try different kernels ?

Sometimes it helps to restart the bluetooth service:

$ systemctl restart bluetooth

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