Sound switching off after random period of time

Hi, I’m running lates Manjaro with Plasma environment on my NUC6i7kyk. From begging audio has worked fine, with my SPDIF output being fully functional. But the same day I installed my os audio switched off and return some time later. After this audio continues switching off after random periods of time. I noticed that when audio switches off not only my optical output stops working, but also HDMI gives no sound. Another thing I managed to spot is that light inside SPDIF port normally stays on, but when audio cuts off the red light also disappears.

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To remove PulseAudio module that suspends unused audio devices:

[ PulseAudio - ArchWiki /Troubleshooting#Pops_when_starting_and_stopping_playback ]

To turn off power management for onboard audio device (ALC233):

[ Advanced Linux Sound Architecture/Troubleshooting - ArchWiki ]

Sorry for responding so late, but i haven’t got time to check your propositions. Unfortunately none of them seems to work for me. Even restarting audio using this command systemctl --user restart pulseaudio.service or rebooting pc helps. It does not look like os problem for me. :frowning:

If pulseaudio.service only is restarted, pulseaudio.socket is likely to fail

Simpler command to restart both PulseAudio systemd units (pulseaudio.socket and pulseaudio.service):

systemctl --user restart pulseaudio

That is exactly the same as systemctl --user restart pulseaudio.service because “.service” is added by default to the unit name…
In face pulseaudio.socket is using the pulseaudio.service for it’s functionality, that is how sockets work in systemd…


See this previous discussion where another user reported different outcomes when using similar commands

post #2 in previous discussion quote part of /usr/lib/systemd/user/pulseaudio.service comment and the Requires=pulseaudio.socket dependency

systemd.socket(5) — Arch manual pages
No implicit WantedBy= or RequiredBy= dependency from the socket to the service is added. This means that the service may be started without the socket, in which case it must be able to open sockets by itself. To prevent this, an explicit Requires= dependency may be added.

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I guess you have problems understanding what i wrote…

I have used command suggested in the manpage for many years with no issues, so no need to consider anything more

If only reading was same as understanding…
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