Dual monitor display port no signal after logging in

Hello! After making the jump from windows to manjaro and after setting up my OS, everything was fine for 1 or 2 days, until yesterday when I wanted to log in (I don’t know if its because I waited 1 min before logging in or something else) that time the log was a dozen of seconds longer than usual and then my second monitor (who is normally the primary) was saying displayport no signal.
I immediatly went on my nvidia-settings to see what was wrong. When I checked “X Server Display Configuration” I saw that my second display was (and still) is disabled I tried things such as Detect displays, mhwd command, etc… But the only thing it did was waking the monitor of its “sleep” and then the no signal message.
One thing that happened and can’t reproduce was that I had typed in the terminal startx and suddently I had a new desktop and both my monitors where working but only for the “tty2”, also all my stuff like latte-dock etc… weren’t on that new desktop anymore.
By the way the “disabled monitor” works if I just unplug the secondary one and reboot.
I’d appreciate all the help you guys can give me!

Edit: it seems like I can’t even go past the login screen anymore, I’ll reinstall later and if this problem comes back I’ll put more info

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