No desktop fresh install

I installed a fresh install over the weekend and after installing from the usb it restarted and went to a black screen and only had the cursor and then a little bit later the manjaro hello thing popped up. I can’t seem to do anything unless i use tty3 then login and type startx but after i do that other things don’t work properly.

I have used manjaro for about 7-8 months now so i know some of the basics. But this is the first time i have had something majorly go wrong.

Any information you guys think would be helpful I can try to get but i wasn’t sure what info to provide.

I’d suggest the output of inxi --admin --verbosity=1 --filter --no-host --width (enclosed in a code fence i.e. </>)

That way we’ll know what graphics etc. you have.

I assume this is a recent ISO (preferably the latest) and that you have verified the sha256sum? e.g.:
sha256sum -c manjaro-kde-23.1.3-240113-linux66.iso.sha256
from the directory you placed the .ISO and the checksum text file.

N.B. An old .ISO can have issues, especially when trying to update from “new”.

My bad i thought I had responded already. I did find out that it’s an issue with wayland (using x11 currently) I’ll try what you mentioned when i have some free time to check it out.

This thread feels like yet another slow mover


It seems you had enough free time to login and post the previous reply; an additional minute should have been sufficient to enter the inxi command given by @BG405 and then copy/paste its output to a post; that information is usually the minimum needed for anyone to help.

In any case, as these were your first posts, welcome to the Manjaro community. The following links (in no particular order) will help you make the most of the forum. Cheers.