3060ti driver issue?

I recently upgraded my rig (actually, I practically replaced every component). My CPU is a Ryzen 7 7700x and my GPU is an RTX 3060ti. I tried installing manjaro with the proprietary drivers (plasma DE), and it seemed to be fine, until I logged in. Then it just showed my motherboard’s BIOS splash screen with no apparent response from the system. I then tried installing with the open source drivers, but the performance was unusable (as in, about 1 fps on the desktop). I tried installing the proprietary drivers on the open driver install, and then rebooted. It gave me the same problem as installing manjaro with the proprietary drivers straight up

Edit: The iso I was installing from was the most recent plasma iso from here Manjaro Downloads

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No problem on my end with the same GPU. Manjaro KDE, for me there is no difference proprietary drivers and Open-source driver. Driver 535.86.05. Worst case scenario, update bios then reinstall with proprietary drivers. Probably something wrong with your onboard configuration.

Search the forum for Nvidia 3060 - it has been posted a couple of times.


Before login - lower left corner - select Plasma X11