KDE will not launch past the Splash screen

After the last few updates I see this message at the top of a black boot screen:

setfont: ERROR kdfontop.c:183 put_font_kdfontop: Unable to load such font with such kernel version

After close to a minute it vanishes and the KDE splash screen takes over. However, it won’t move past that screen and a SysRec REISUB has to be utilised in order to get contorl of the system.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

BTW, I used NsCDE and FVWM , so I’m not too upset, but I’m sure this will affect a lot of KDE users.


Did you already try a different kernel (as suggested) ?

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Have you already :mag: for your problem in the forum ? (Wisdom lies in asking → listening → reading :wink: )

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