HP Pavilion Gaming 15 ec1xx Since latest Stable update system wont resume w/ connected USB mouse

HP Pavilion Gaming 15 ec 1 xx Ryzen 7, dual AMD & NVidia graphics. Manjo 5.16.11 kernel KDE 5.24.2 running on the AMD Renoir gfx (not the 1650Ti). Part of the work I do on the laptop favors a mouse rather than a touchpad-- for that reason I use a USB wired mouse at times on battery. With the mouse connected, when the system goes into standby or when I shut the lid and then resume, the keyboard backlight comes on and the screen lights but only with a non blinking cursor in the top left hand corner. Totally unresponsive to keyboard input.Force Power off and back on and the system resumes normal functionality. Without the USB mouse, the system sleeps and wakes up normally. Power saving done with tlpui. Connected mouse placed in the USB excluded devices makes no difference. USB autosuspend disabled makes no difference. tlp disabled makes no difference. When a mouse is connected via USB and the system goes into standby , when it attempts to wake blank screen with a non flashing cursor in the upper left hand corner. Only remedy is forced power down. Note system is X11 graphics platform. Any suggestions?? (dont use a mouse!! LOL)

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Hey thanks for the really helpful guides- really helpful stuff that I didnt know… Its obvious that I didnt include enough information in my first post so sorry about that. I guess I am somewhat inexperienced given that
stat -c %w /
shows 2017-9-12. this on my earliest system–when I came to Manjaro from Ubuntu…my laptop joins 2 other Multi monitor production systems, desktops that I have been using to do among other things, financials… Trading crypto and derivatives. So please accept my apologies for a poor post. I have resolved the problem but again my apologies and many thanks.

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