[HowTo] post screenshots and links

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

You’ve probably been sent here by a more experienced user. Please follow the simple instructions below when posting screenshots or links! :+1: :innocent:

Please adhere to the following rules when posting a screenshot:

(Please click the ► to expand a section:)

  1. Please, don’t post screenshots of text!
    1.1. Definitely don’t post screenshots of text!
    1.2. Even when posting screenshots of text is easier than posting text, only Rule 1. :arrow_up: applies! :innocent: :wink:

    Why the @#%* can't I post screenshots of text?

    It’s easy:

    • you post a screenshot once, but it gets read many times
    • text makes it easier for all the people that are trying to help you to use some google-fu to help you without having to type the text that you did not type just once.
      So the really busy, really knowledgeable people see a screenshot of text and move onto the next question instead of helping you. :sob:
    • It costs the Manjaro Team a fraction of the $$$ to store text whereas full-size screenshots take up much more space (and thus $$$) :money_with_wings:
  2. Only post screenshots when someone is asking you to post a screenshot!


    This one is easy: it’s much more efficient to be reading:
    When I’m going to System Settings Fonts Font Management, the fonts don’t render in the preview window.
    than to look at three huge screenshots! (Again: Please help us help you!) :+1:

    Exceptions: When does it make sense?
    • When you want to show a graphical error, describe it with text, thus making it searchable and then post a screenshot.
    • If a GUI element doesn’t have a text name or label.
  3. Please make a screenshot of the relevant portion of the screen only!
    (I.E.: don’t post a screenshot of the entire desktop to say that you have a minuscule button in the lower right edge of the screen that is turning red: take a screenshot of the relevant part only!) :innocent:

On this forum here you need to have Trust Level 2 (=TL2) to be able to post screenshots in-line.

Why, oh why?

Well, that’s because on our old forum we got tons of screenshots of text, SPAM, PR0N and other things you don’t want on a forum. :sob:

How to still post screenshots? (when you’re a TL0 or TL1?)

  1. Make your screen shot and save it locally

    How do I do that?

    That depends on your Desktop Environment: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  2. Go to https://paste.pics/

  3. Click the Browse button

  4. Browse to your screenshot and click on it

  5. Press the Open button

  6. Note the URL! It’ll look like this: https://paste.pics/b03cd32463532de2ddfe4a1d82adc218

  7. Copy-paste the really weird long number and post that into your question / response mentioning it’s a paste.pics ID like this:

    Here is the paste.pics screenshot ID you’ve asked for: b03cd32463532de2ddfe4a1d82adc218

    and we’ll know to type https://paste.pics/ and copy-paste the really annoying long number after it. :grin:

How to post links

  • Precede the link with a back tick ` and end it with another back tick like this:



  • Put an :exclamation: between the 2 Ts of HTTPS like this:


(not both, please!)

That’s it! Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!



I hate. how morons setup a bot to spam the crap out of a forum.

But Haven’t seen the last one yet!

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I just tried to follow above advice of parsimony and wanted to post only this Link
Sadly I forgot to envelope with ‘’ so the png seem to have been inserted as a whole - quite the contrary to my good intentions :frowning_face:
Is this the intended behaviour of the editor?

TL1s (which you are) can now use the envelope. TL0s still can’t so leaving this up in case any ever needs to post a screenshot (when asked)


A Salomonic solution.
Thanks for sorting this out.

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