Can not start my laptop - frozen screen


I updated my laptop and restared it. Since then it does not boot at all. I see the grup, that gives me the options, that is start manjaro, start in savemode or do memory testing then it starts a black screen with some white symbols and does not proceede. Peressing “ctr”, “alt” and “F2” does not start a terminal or anything.

I can not open the konsole and login as most “black screen” linux helps from forum suggest.
I can load fallback-modes with older kernel versions ( e.g. Manjaro Linux Kernel 5.4.249-1-MANJARO x64) that do not boot, either.

I am having a Thinkpad T460s with a manjaro runing since 2016 on it. I use the plasma kde workapace and there were a lot of issues due to the 4k-antiikiazing bug and keeps me from changing the distribution. The only system-information I can give to you is secured in my github-profile, since I can not acress a konsole on my laptop.

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Have you already :mag: for your problem in the forum ? (Wisdom lies in reading :wink: )

I do not know what to search for. I just gave a quick google - search “manjaro blackscreen”. All other linux-helps suggested that the linux at least starts and that the window-manager failed to start. But I can not open a terminal.

Probably this helps to fix it:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Settings Manager
  3. power manager
  4. go to system tab
  5. in system power saver at sleep mode system
  6. change to standby…

This looks like the most promising repair manual. Unfortunatly I was to dump to apply this scheduel. I contacted a repairshop and they could not fix my problem to. I was told the operatingsystem is not fixable. I will try to save my data using an bootable USB-Stick and will reinstall the manjaro.