My pc stuck at /dev/sda2 clean with just a mouse

I woke up with a message dev/sda2 clean and i can just move my mouse with that message in the background

The message looks like this:

/dev/sda2: recovering data
/dev/sda2: clean, *numbers* files, *numbers* blocks

I tried reinstalling video-linux and update the system but nothing seems to work, it have been suck like this for hours

What should i do? (Sorry for bad english)

No it’s not stuck at “/dev/sda2 clean”

That’s just an informative message that the filesystem on sda2 was checked for errors and found to be clean. It’s the last message displayed because Manjaro hides most startup messages by default.

Let me guess. You’re using Nvidia with Linux kernel 5.13, which was end of life 2 kernel cycles ago.

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