I am having issues in manjaro regarding msr register

My device is dell precision m6400 running with non-genuine ac adapter with rating of 130W which is enough for operating without battery, dell restricts performance on any other charger. The issue i am facing is my cpu clock stuck at 1.6Ghz. I fixed this issue on windows by using software named throttlestop by which i am able to set multiplier and clock modulation to my needs which works perfect!
On Manjaro i am using msr-tools, after changing values for msr register i saw cpu constantly at 2.54, i wanted it to be lower when not in use. so i set governor at “ondemand” then it went back to 1.6, i tried to put load it remain on 1.6, i tried to apply the clock and cpu speed command again, after the cpu speed command it shows 2.54 for 1 second and then again turns back to 1.6, even i am putting load on it.

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