"Failed to Start Bluetooth Management Mechanism" shows up during boot up

The problem is, whenever I turn on my laptop, this happens. This text keeps on blinking and I can’t even go to tty. Not sure what the issue is. There was a problem occuring before this happened. I typed just “niceload” in the terminal and it ended without giving any output. After that, no applications were launching, only the ones that were already loaded were working. So I went to a tty and restarted the system and was greeted with this. Any help is appreciated.

Edit: fixed the issue.

what happened and what I did: chrooted through an arch iso. Ran journalctl, checked throught it. blueman-mechanism.service couldn’t be started due to a missing library (don’t know how the library went missing). Reinstalled the library through Pacman and now everything boots perfectly. The library was libjpeg.so.8

pacman -S libjpeg-turbo libjpeg6-turbo

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I solved the issue, edited the post

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