Pixelated font issue on Manjaro-GNOME

I installed KDE Plasma apart from GNOME on my Samsung computer, the text font in Plasma is fine without any problem, but in GNOME it has been pixelated. I tried uninstalling KDE Environment from my computer and it didn’t work, then i tried to change the font and it didn’t work either. This problem applies to everywhere that has text. Any solution please.

The other components (bars, icons, backgrounds, dock background, etc) is fine, without any problem.

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If you used the same username to log in both, then are not apart.
Mixing configuration files from both can have a negative effect. Each DE has Manjaro settings that can’t reside simultaneously on the same system. See manjaro-kde-settings vs manjaro-gnome-settings. Those contain proper files that need to go in the user home folder. Since you started with KDE, then Gnome is lacking those files.

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