Gnome 43 - Dark Theme

I have to reset my theme to Dark every time I LogOut or Reboot. Gnome doesn’t remember my preferences after upgrade. How can I fix this?

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What theme?

Before reporting issues, make sure you’re fully up to date and are not holding back any packages.

Please see [HowTo] Request support

I am fully up-to-date…

Kernel: 5.13.15-1-MANJARO

And I have to revert to the Default Dark Theme after every reboot.

(The Forum will not let me upload a screenshot)

No, you’re not. The 5.13 kernel has been EOL (End Of Life) for well over a year. Use Manjaro Settings Manager to install a supported kernel (i.e., 5.15 LTS), reboot then remove 5.13.

…which is…?

Ok I upgraded to the LTS Kernel version 5.15.78-1. Here is my Neofetch…

OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64
Kernel: 5.15.78-1-MANJARO
Packages: 1919 (pacman), 46 (flatpak)
Shell: zsh 5.9
Resolution: 1920x1080
DE: GNOME 43.1
WM: Mutter
WM Theme: Adwaita
Theme: Adwaita-maia-compact [GTK2/3]
Icons: Papirus-Light [GTK2/3]
Terminal: gnome-terminal
CPU: Intel i7-8550U (8) @ 4.000GHz
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620
Memory: 3433MiB / 15888MiB

That theme is neither the default nor compatible with GNOME 43. Use Adw-dark or Adwaita-dark for Legacy Applications and remove adwaita-maia.

What other old, orphaned packages do you have installed? Anything with Manjaro or Maia in the name probably should be removed.

pamac list --orphans

Well, I found the adwaita-maia theme in the Manjaro Forums…here

forum manjaro org/t/adwaita-maia-got-slimmer/42448/

Here is my Orphan List… (not sure how I got these as I use the Package Manager for all of my updates)
pamac list --orphans  :heavy_check_mark:
alsa-card-profiles 1:0.3.59-5 extra 189.9 kB
celt 0.11.3-4 180.1 kB
cheese 43alpha+r8+g1de47dbc-1 extra 2.8 MB
dynamic-wallpaper-editor 2.7-1 936.0 kB
endeavour 43.0-1 extra 2.1 MB
gfbgraph 0.2.5-1 extra 502.5 kB
git-lfs 3.2.0-1 community 11.8 MB
gnome-bluetooth 3.34.5-4 community 1.4 MB
gnome-shell-extension-gamemode 8-1 community 38.7 kB
gnome-shell-extension-unite 54-1 295.5 kB
id3lib 3.8.3-18 extra 438.5 kB
js78 78.15.0-4 community 65.3 MB
js91 91.13.0-1 extra 67.6 MB
kvantum-theme-matchama 20191118-1 2.4 MB
lib32-readline 8.2.001-1 multilib 382.6 kB
libcddb 1.3.2-6 extra 164.0 kB
libcmis 0.5.2-12 extra 1.3 MB
libcroco 0.6.13-2 extra 1.2 MB
libcryptui 1:3.12.2+r71+ged4f890e-1 extra 3.9 MB
libgweather 40.0+r87+g80e5a652-2 23.6 MB
libmusicbrainz5 5.1.0-5 community 807.6 kB
libofa 0.9.3-9 extra 168.6 kB
libunibreak 5.0-2 community 112.3 kB
manjaro-gnome-extension-settings 20220728-1 community 1.7 kB
matcha-gtk-theme 20221115-1 community 28.6 MB
metis 5.1.0.p10-2 extra 436.4 kB
nm-connection-editor 1.30.0-1 extra 4.6 MB
notify-sharp-3 3.0.3-4 community 22.7 kB
python-importlib-metadata 5.0.0-1 community 160.9 kB
python-nspektr 0.4.0-2 extra 22.2 kB
python-pydrive 1.3.1-5 community 243.0 kB
python-pysmbc 1.0.23-3 extra 61.7 kB
rest 0.8.1+r4+ge5ee6ef-1 extra 875.3 kB
sof-firmware 2.2.2-1 extra 16.5 MB
tepl 1:6.2.0-2 community 1.9 MB
webkit2-sharp 2.10.9-3 community 557.9 kB
zenity 3.43.0-1 extra 11.0 MB
zita-alsa-pcmi 0.5.1-1 extra 80.2 kB
zita-resampler 1.8.0-1 extra 202.6 kB

Notice that thread was created almost two years ago. :wink:

I just wanted to make sure you didn’t have any other deprecated or broken themes that might also be causing problems. You do not. Any package not mentioned below can be safely removed.

  • Packages that should not be orphans you should mark as explicitly installed:

  • Packages you should mark as explicitly installed if you want to keep them:

  • Packages that are no longer in the repos:

  • Packages that are no longer required:

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