KDE Plasma desktop configuration resets after update

Since I started using Manjaro with KDE a few month ago, some of the system updates, not all, have the effect to reset my desktop configuration. Things like wallpaper, pinned applications in the task bar, the option of showing a dir’s content on the desktop. They get reset to their original state. Not that it’s too ennoying but it’s certainly not an expected behavior. Has anyone experienced the same issue?

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Are you using something special to set these? Are they default themes? Is it a normal user profile?

By default your desktop configuration should be in HOME, and package upgrades, such as through pacman, should not touch HOME as a rule.

I haven’t do anything too exotic. I usually sets the background to an uniform black color, and disable the directory view. I also pin the apps that I use most in the lower task bar. All changes are done through the setting menu. I don’t think my user profile has anything special to it. How could I proceed to investigate this. You mention desktop configuration files. Which and where exactly are those files? So I could at least do a backup of those and restore them manually.


Maybe something you add to your desktop/taskbar (like third party you can find from KDE store) is corrupting the config file, triggering a reset of it on reboot?

Those configuration reset are triggered by some of the system updates followed by reboot. Normal reboot do not cause this to happens.
I’ve also just noted that part of my terminal config was affected as well. Visual settings and default shell are affected, but strangely, not keybindings.

That sounds like something is corrupting your config files to me (I don’t believe the system updates create your issue directly), but I don’t know for sure.

I don’t recall anything like that happening to me, I remember long time ago I reset myself manually (deleted it all) all the config files to fix an issue, can’t remember what it was, but a problematic setting was causing trouble, and manually resetting all KDE config fixed it.