I cant update anything or install in my xfce manjaro i installed

Hello , when i want install (even in manjaro app manager) i see this error (even in terminal)

  • unable to satisfy dependency ‘qt5-styleplugins’ required by manjaro-xfce-settings

and also my steam say’s i have network problem
also my manjaro say i should update kernel but i cant becuse of this error

check this post, it has a solution there:

Hey, it dosen’t work my problem is not solved :frowning:

What doesn’t work? What did you try?

Things in the first reply topic

That’s not an answer.

can you give me the answer?

@brahma already gave it to you. Read that thread.

If the solution provided there does not work for you, then we’d need more information.

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do you have installed the plugin:
pacman -Qs qt5-styleplugins

Hello, @ShahrokhKiyani

I had the same problem yesterday. The package in question was manjaro-xfce-settings.
Its fixed now. I just installed it without problems.

Refresh your mirrors and try updating again.

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