Samsung a03s usb can't see any file with thunar

my new Samsung Galaxy A03s when connect by USB cant see any files with Thunar on the phone. My last two LG phones could. I have the Type-C to Type-C with adapter cable that came with Samsung connected.

That is what shows up. how do I enable my Rig and phone for access?

Is the phone’s screen unlocked?

I swiped up and put in my PIN if that is what you mean. Or are you referring to something else?

Nevermind. I put in my PIN again and the phone ask to enable Data access for computer. Now where can I any pics and video on my phone?

That is what I was just about to say - there is a slight delay and then the question …
and then it works.

You’re missing a verb here…

the presented folders have names … those might give you a clue :wink:
DCIM on either the SD-card or on the phones internal memory is a good bet re pictures …

My Dad also has a Samsung phone as well, and he knows very little about Computers or Smartphones. He depends on me.

He took pictures with phone and I just figured out how to copy over to my computer any Pictures on his phone.

My phone goes dark after 30 seconds, and I wasn’t looking at phone… Thanks Guys for all the help you provide.


I solved it myself by just pressing the power button and entering my PIN. on the screen I had to to press yes or something to used connected to computer.

I’ll do this later or tomorrow and give exact detail.

Each time you plug in the phone to computer, press the power button and press allow and then open file manager on computer. Every thing is to go.

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