Two issues with manjaro

1st issue
Whenver I boot the boot hangs but only when I dont press esc at the beginning.So only the boot screen hangs wheres manjaro logo and 3 dots.(thats fine I can just disable the boot screen)

2nd issue
I cannot change screen resolution.Only the default works.When I change to something else screen goes black.So after like 15 sec or so it goes back to default because theres 2 options “keep or restore previous” and also pressing esc will get to previous.
It seems to works and even the log shows that the resolution was applied but screen stays black

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Hi @alvarid, and welcome!

I assure you that it’s not hanging. We’re just impatient to see something, but it’s starting. The proof is that it appears wheen you press the Esc key.

If you want to change it, when the system has finished starting, edit the grub config to change the hidden parameter:

Open the config, using your preferred editor, with sudo so you can change it. I use micro, but feel free to use the one you wish:

sudo micro /etc/default/grub

Change the line:




Save and exit. Now it’s time to update grub. In the terminal, run:

sudo update-grub

Hold your thumbs, do a little dance, for good luck, and reboot. You sh0ould see grub now.

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Hope you manage!

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I installed kernel 5.x and the resolution change works fine but not with 6.x kernel and i also tried with endeavour os same thing does not work with kernel 6.x. Im not getting any unusual logs, the screen just stays black.

now on Kernel 6.1.53-1 and the resolution change works fine.
anything above that wont let me change.