I want to uninstall android studio from my device and reinstall it

Installed it by unzipping the tar file and running the studio.sh file. I have made a mistake and want to re-install it. Please help I am new to Manjaro!

Hi @adarsh, and welcome!

You can ditch the cry for help, seeing as everyone here knows that’s why you’re here.

That is something you shouldn’t do, not with Linux and not Manjaro in particular.

The only way to remove it now is to undo what the script did, so that would be necessary to start with.

I think you should go thorough this:

And then:

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Hope you manage!

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While this is generally true, in that particular case the start script does not install anything and runs the program from the folder. So if you want to reset your user settings in the program and start anew, all you have to do is to look at/delete the ~/.config/Google/… folder where the settings are kept.
But i am not sure you have to be developing anything under linux if have no basic understanding for the OS (yes, not reading the readme, not opening the .sh script, not knowing about the .config folder is lack of basic linux competence). Maybe stick with windows for now?

simply delete the files from your home

Once you delete the files from your home, android-studio is available from the AUR. The easiest way for you to install it would be via pamac GUI or in terminal:

pamac build android-studio

In that particular case it does not matter much, he will maybe have semiautomatic updates and an icon. That aur pkgbuild pretty much just unzips and copies the files in /opt.
His problem is the config folder.

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