No CUDA Choice After DaVinci Install

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I replaced my hard drive this week and had to reinstall DaVinci Resolve Studio again. I wasn’t watching the install, so I didn’t choose the nvidia driver. Now, when I open DRS I get no choice for the GPU. It’s blank like the attachment. What are my choices, reinstall or run a script to select the nvidia driver?

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Have you followed those?

The nouveau driver does not support CUDA. You have to install the proprietary Nvidia driver for that.

Thank you for your reply, but I am using the nvidia driver.

What does… :arrow_down:

inxi -G

… say?

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Thanks to everyone who replied. This community is so AWESOME!!

I really had 2 issues.

  1. Hang at the Clean…Block screen - Removed Optimus-Manager through terminal after using ctl+alt+F2

  2. No CUDA choice in DRS - Installed the OpenCL driver or libraries after using ctl+alt+F2

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