Firefox flickering issue with NVIDIA graphics card under Wayland

Set environment variables like this:



Check about:support inside Firefox and look for WebGL 1 Driver Renderer. it should show your NVIDIA GPU

From [INFO] Getting Firefox working with NVIDIA on Wayland

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Uhmmm okay, thanks for the info but…
What is the problem that WE can help with? (tag = support)

Firefox is developed by a totally different organization as Manjaro Linux distro, so no one can fix the issue in your topic title besides them…

Sorry, I thougt that was the right category to post it. Where should I move it?

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If it was just sharing how to do something, you could maybe use Tutorials but your post isn’t like a tutorial either, so uhmm Feedback maybe? nahhh cause it’s nothing that the forum or Manjaro has any control over either…

So …
I guess the Firefox development site is best :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have had this problem within Manjaro and looked for a solution here, but didn’t find anything. So I thought it would be an interesting information for other users. Should I delete it?

No need to delete, but…

Which exact problem under what circumstances and on what hardware etc?
You post doesn’t mention anything in that regard, that’s why i kept repeating:

Help others to help you better by:

  1. Providing system info about your hardware by posting program output instead of describing your hardware.
  2. Use new lines when a sentence ends, so it is better readable and followable by others.
  3. If english is not your native language please see:
    • :us: :uk: English [HowTo] Become multi-language on internet
    • :tr: Türkçe [Nasıl] İnternette çok dilli olun
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Please read and follow all advice in this thread:


If you often have a need to do a “Hard reset” or “Power off” to get back to your system, then avoid that when possible by following:

I thought I can help after having trouble with a NVIDIA card under Wayland. This problem exists for all NVIDIA cards under Wayland. No more hardware specification is needed.

Well i don’t have to use any of those environment variables to have HW-Acceleration under Wayland and my nVidia drivers :woman_shrugging:
(yes i use a different distro)

But anyhow, it’s clear that you don’t need any help with solving any problem i suppose…

I’ve just signed in this forum to say thank you for sharing, it was very annoying all those flickering in firefox. Glad you posted the solution.

Sorry, couldn’t figure out how to dm somebody, but this fixed my firefox, now i got the same problem with steam, any idea? Also i am very new to linux ^^

Hi @gatonero

If you ever revisit this thread, I have moved it to the Feedback category, as you were not actually asking for support.

Thank you for posting this information, even though it’s a Firefox issue, and not Manjaro. Clearly it has been useful to a few others. I’ll mark one of your own responses as the solution so that this thread may be closed in a timely fashion.

Thank you for choosing Manjaro.

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