Firefox flickering issue with NVIDIA graphics card under Wayland

Set environment variables like this:



Check about:support inside Firefox and look for WebGL 1 Driver Renderer. it should show your NVIDIA GPU

From [INFO] Getting Firefox working with NVIDIA on Wayland

Uhmmm okay, thanks for the info but…
What is the problem that WE can help with? (tag = support)

Firefox is developed by a totally different organization as Manjaro Linux distro, so no one can fix the issue in your topic title besides them…

Sorry, I thougt that was the right category to post it. Where should I move it?

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If it was just sharing how to do something, you could maybe use Tutorials but your post isn’t like a tutorial either, so uhmm Feedback maybe? nahhh cause it’s nothing that the forum or Manjaro has any control over either…

So …
I guess the Firefox development site is best :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have had this problem within Manjaro and looked for a solution here, but didn’t find anything. So I thought it would be an interesting information for other users. Should I delete it?

No need to delete, but…

Which exact problem under what circumstances and on what hardware etc?
You post doesn’t mention anything in that regard, that’s why i kept repeating:

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If you often have a need to do a “Hard reset” or “Power off” to get back to your system, then avoid that when possible by following:

I thought I can help after having trouble with a NVIDIA card under Wayland. This problem exists for all NVIDIA cards under Wayland. No more hardware specification is needed.

Well i don’t have to use any of those environment variables to have HW-Acceleration under Wayland and my nVidia drivers :woman_shrugging:
(yes i use a different distro)

But anyhow, it’s clear that you don’t need any help with solving any problem i suppose…