Inkscape crashing immediately after launch

I have inkscape crashing just after launch on an haswell laptop with manjaro KDE (X11 session). Anyone experiencing something similar? Because it’s the first time that I try inkscape in manjaro I cannot say if this is a regression.

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I only have Xfce. There Inkscape works without problems.

Have you tried this?

Execute inkscape in the terminal to show which error-info.

Looks like the issue is a race, because it seems to be influenced by the current system activity and load.

The application has always been started from the terminal, I tend to prefer to work through the terminal, there is some complaint about fonts:

You have a huge number of font families and Cairo is limiting the size of widgets you can draw.
Your preview cell height is capped to 26.

This is because I use the upstream texlive and I make the otf and ttf fonts installed with texlive visible to the system.

If I see something else I’ll report it.

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