[How to] Help a new forum member solve problems

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When someone is new to Linux / Manjaro, or new to using forums, there often are some problems when trying to communicate with them. This is not new.

  • Most of the time the title lacks information as does the post itself
  • Sometimes the user thinks he can tweak Linux to his thinking
  • Sometimes he is offended by some things his system does
  • Or he is caught up in the knowledge he has obtained in 20 years using Windows

For most of these problems there is already a solution in one thread or the other. Sometimes there is even an up to date article in the Manjaro Wiki or the Arch Wiki. Here is a place to maintain a list of links you can use for fast (but also competent) answers

Please keep the formatting consistent and don’t blow this up to 100 links. Instead replace one if it is outdated with a new one. It should be possible to keep this to not more than 20 Answers :wink:

Links useful for answering:

You can hover over a link, right-click and select Copy link address.

Dual boot with windows:
Switch from Windows - how to use GNU/Linux:
Make good backups:

Please install 2 kernels (one of them LTS)


Gentle shut down a suddenly hanged PC to minimize the chance of getting a broken filesystem and data loss:
Working with Drives
Filesystem, Permissions:
How to boot from USB into live Manjaro (for repair):
Why AUR is not supported

To get the most from possible help on the forum, consider to understand and know this:

Increase your chances of solving your issue:
Provide detailed system Information (software (S/W) and hardware (H/W)), find and provide log excerpts:
Why do I need to find related log excerpts?

Many events on your system are locally logged. By querying the logged event stores (aka obtaining “logs” ), a user could be aware what the system does, what state it’s been in, how healthy is it and what issues it has experienced.

Issue-related log excerpts are crucial stuff to post as they opens the way of precise issue search.
If you are not the first person on that planet who reporting an issue you have, then there is a high possibility that your issue perhaps already had some solution posted somewhere).

Solutions for temporal restrictions to new community members with rejecting to post clickable links and screenshots/pictures:

can be found in the [HowTo] Provide System Information tutorial.