Can someone explain why does this happen at times?

When the Manjaro is shut down it throws 2 errors, I don’t know what they’re, and I can’t film them , I would need a very good slow motion camera for that …

Also , this is literally painful to see happening, I don’t know why ,but I have an odd bug(perhaps also told by those 2 erros) when the Desktop Environment doesn’t open properly sometimes and I have to shut down and open again the whole system to have gnome running correctly

It kinda boots into the DE and when I want to click on something it freezes and that’s it , I can’t touch anything, but the mouse cursor works without a problem

The way it react is that everything but the mouse cursor freezes and I can alt f1 and shut it down

Maybe it’s my fault that I installed it on a external ssd , since I have this happening since I’ve installed it , but I hope that’s not the case , smh

I hope that the details are enough to find a resolve to this

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