Screen is black. Can't even access grub

After updating the problems started. At first it worked fine except for the fact that the display randomly froze after a while, sometimes without me even using the computer.

After that it started to not boot after the grub menu. I managed to log in once using tty, but this also resulted in the computer frozing after a few minutes.

Now the computer won’t start at all. When pressing the power button the keyboard lights up for a second and then everything is completely black. Same thing happens if I try to boot from a usb.

I have no idea what to try. It all seems very strange to me. Any ideas what to do? I can’t find a way to interact with the computer at all. Is there anything to try or has the computer turned into garbage?

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… and … can you access BIOS or anything ?

Unfortunately, no. I could at first but now its not responsive at all. Screen is just completely black.

Then I dont think any software tricks are going to help.
It sounds like the machine is not even POST’ing … so something is more fundamentally wrong.
Maybe you can get lucky with something like a CMOS reset.


Yes, that makes sense. The strange thing is it all started after updating the system today. Prior to that the computer worked fine. That made me think it could be a software problem. I’ll look into other options.

Try: Unplug and re-plug all connections on the motherboard.
ram, hd, hdmi … (once my pc needed a cleaning :wink: but there was no message on the screen :rofl:)

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