Grub loaded from but then not detecting external SDD on X260

this is weird. On a lenovo X260 grub will load from external SSD (on USB) but then cannot find that very same disc to boot from. Dropping into rootfs. I have the same issue with two installations, one Manjaro (GPT, UEFI, by PARTUUID) and one Archlinux (MBR, BIOS, by LABEL). CSM turned on in both cases. Both systems do boot when internal. I included insmod usb and insmod nativedisk to no avail. For it being the same issue with two quite different boot configurations and reproducible on two X260 I believe it might have to do with the machine.
Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot.

Edit: confirmed same problem on X240.

  • Do you work with Bios-Boot or UEFI-Boot ?
  • Why does the Installer see the disk ?
  • Do you install from USB or from CD/DVD ?
  • How do you start your Installer (BIOS or UEFI-mode) ?

Maybe you should provide some standard-infos ?

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Point1: well, as I pointed out, I have two separate systems set up (and running, when booted from internal slot), one BIOS, one UEFI
Point2: this was not about an Installer
Point3: again, I’m not installing. I’m trying to boot from external SSD (on USB)
Point4: again,…

Honestly, I believe I provided all the information. Since this subforum is supposed to be for Installation and Boot, I also believe I’m in the right one.

Found and will now try:
enabling or disabling vmd

turning on AHCI

Unfortunately, vmd did not help.
AHCI is supposed to be turned on and cannot be toggled without tempering with the BIOS.