How to get audio in Hyper-V?

Hey guys, I installed Manjaro on a VM under Hyper-V as I was having issues with Ubuntu performance. Manjaro runs incredibly quickly and I’m really happy with it.

Audio does not work however. I can’t find any resources that are up to date on how to get audio working in Manjaro under Hyper-V. I need it as I need to be able to hear notifications and make voice calls from my Manjaro XFCE desktop applications. My device shows up as ‘‘Dummy Audio’’.

Is there a straightforward way to get this done?

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As I’ve said above, there seem to be no or outdated resources on anything to do with Manjaro and Hyper-V.

My specs are i7-11800H, 32GB 3466, RTX 3080 Laptop (16GB), Intel UHD graphics. Not entirely relevant though as Manjaro is running in a VM through Hyper-V.

Audio in Ubuntu worked in a Hyper-V VM
and now it does not.
I have never used Hyper-V and don’t know the first thing about initial setup to boot any OS in that VM.
But from others like Virtualbox I know that there are settings for almost every aspect of the virtualized hardware, including the audio hardware that is emulated.
Compare the settings now with the ones Ubuntu works with? …

Thanks, I guess that’s a good start point!

Anyone know the arch/Manjaro equivalent of this?
cd /tmp

sudo apt source pulseaudio

cd /tmp/pulseaudio*

sudo ./configure

cd /usr/src/xrdp-pulseaudio-installer

sudo make PULSE_DIR="/tmp/pulseaudio-11.1"

sudo install -t "/var/lib/xrdp-pulseaudio-installer" -D -m 644 *.so

I installed XRDP through AUR but didn’t really achieve anything. Anyone have any suggestions for getting XRDP-Pulseaudio working?

Xrdp - ArchWiki

… that whole wiki article
and the section about sound in particular?

Hardware specifications are not relevant for issues with VM emulated audio

Dummy Audio output is only created in PulseAudio if there are no other audio devices available for audio playback in ALSA

Please post more information about ALSA devices

sudo --upload

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Thanks, I really appreciate your help. I didn’t think my specs were relevant either because VM but the guy above asked.

Hope you can see the link below? I used backticks.

The alsa info just says that there is no sound card available. I would rather say that you did not add a sound card to your VM and therefore no card can be detected.

There doesn’t seem to be any option to add one in Hyper-V’s settings, however some people are able to get sound through XRDP, So maybe I can try that route.

did you figure it out because i am having the same problem and i cant find an anwser

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