Laptop shuts down after closing the lid after the update

I updated the packages and now laptop shuts down after I close the lid.

Why is it happening if I did not request it? Were the updates tinkering with BIOS?

the fix/corrective-action depends on which desktop-environment you are in. please provide more info.

inxi -v7azy
KDE Plasma v: 5.27.4 

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it’s unlikely a update will change system settings, but you can start by going to system settings → power management → button events handling → when laptop lid closes and check whether it is set to shut down. if this is not the cause there is nothing we can do without more info

it is set to Sleep

What information would you need?

I am pretty sure it is an update, I have had this before and after a while it fixed itself, now I just updated the system and I saw that there were kernel updates linux-515 or something like that and after that this thing happened again.

So my settings are the following:

On AC Power:
When laptop lid is closed - Sleep

On Battery:
When laptop lid is closed - Turn off screen

when the laptop is plugged in after I close the lid laptop shuts down instead of sleep.
When on battery power it does not.

I suspect there is something wrong with the setting ‘Sleep’ here?


See the responses you received last week above. :point_up: