Guide install amd asus b550-i gaming

Hello, We need configuration and installation to prepare for a USB flash drive, this is the requirement of ASUS STRIX ROG B550-I GAMING
we need the whole, if you can give the set to the terminal, ready-made car similar to the installation of auto script to the players was fast with the full monitor samsung M7 4K someone will give the terminal, etc.


The idea was that someone has an auto install script ready for the game

PLASMA DESKTOP or XFCE DESKTOP or GNOME DESKTOP where dowaloand install games

Again, what?

Do you have the idea of auto script for the terminal to be installed so that you are ready for the players

install and configure it.
auto script is not needed

how install all

Look at the second post and follow the link, it provides detailed install instructions.

pls help I am asking for the whole configuration of the bios also what is needed for installation, preparation for the terminal for players, kernel, etc. quite

It’s all available on the internet. If you are unable to google that then it’s probably best if you don’t install linux at all.

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It was that the action ready how to do it needs information under amd cpu and GPU correctly without lag keep swirling all the time help manual pls config all

You should look for support in your native language, because no one knows what you are talking about.

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The volunteers of this forum will often go a long way in helping out newbies, but spoon-feeding is not what we do here.

This thread is going nowhere, and it’s getting there fast. Please do your own research, and if you cannot do this, then — as one of the helpful posters said — perhaps you should not be thinking about installing GNU/Linux.