5.17 rc1 is screwed up

I enabled this kernel on two different AMD platforms (Zen 2 Threadripper and Ryzen 4800 laptop), and it behaves extremely unstable in both cases so that it doesn’t even boot up into the log-in screen most of the time.
Kernel 5.16 works fine.
What can I do to help Manjaro or kernel developers?

Please edit your topic title to reflect the issue.

Please see:

It’s a release candidate. Bugs are to be expected. If you want to increase their chances of getting fixed, visit bugzilla.kernel.org, search for the issue you’re having, and then file a bug report if there’s not already one.


Also not all extramodules are there, like Nvidia driver.

Well, the main page of bugzilla.kernel.org states
“If you did not compile your own kernel from scratch, you are probably in the wrong place.
Please use the following links to report a bug to your distribution instead:
https://bugs.archlinux.org/ …”
Are you sure I shall go to bugzilla.kernel rather than bugs.archlinux or even go here?