Virtscreen error

I try to use the virtscreen package to use my phone as a second screen.
when I hit the “Enable virtual screen” button I get a window with the message “no virtual screen name found”.

Is there a way to fix this?

Hi @hafid,

You gave no indication of what you’re trying to do, and there’s absolutely no information for anyone to work with, and sadly I’ve never come across a working crystal ball, so we need you to provide information. To that end, please see:

Please also note and heed: Forum Rules - Manjaro

Hope you manage!

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Thank you very much for your valuable remarks on how to post in this site. I take note!

I don’t use nvidia

If you had provided some of the information previously requested, we’d know you don’t use Nvidia. Without that information, we can only guess; and not many appreciate having to guess.

So, why not give some of the information shown in the first link @Mirdarthos gave you? It will help us greatly. Cheers.

virtscreen is an unsupported custom script from AUR

Usage of custom scripts from AUR infers Arch Linux package level - this is only obtainable using Manjaro unstable branch.

To switch branches see Switching Branches - Manjaro


sudo pacman-mirrors -aS unstable && sudo pacman -Syu

Last Updated: 2019-11-14 21:36 (UTC)

The rebuild the custom script

pamac build virtscreen

2023-11-26T14:31:00Z python quamash dependency fails to build with AttributeError

See the AUR script page AUR (en) - python-quamash - this will also show the package is orphaned and unmaintained.

sorry for my little knowledge but which information is needed and how to get it?

My mistake, I thought this was among the links Mithardos had given:

System information, recent logs, etc – that explains how to find them. Cheers.

Familiarize yourself with how to find, and share system information - that will be of help at another time for another issue.

For the topic at hand the information is irrelevant as the custom package is dead and you should remove it.

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