Black screen with cursor after resuming session from lock screen

After a system update today, when I resume my session after locking screen, I get a black screen after logging back in. The cursor is there and can be moved around. Twice this eventually went back to normal with time, the third time the system had to be rebooted. So far, no issues logging in normally - this has only happened after resuming from a locked screen.

Reasonably major inconvenience since a fairly basic and occasionally important piece of functionality now can’t be used.

GPU is Nvidia, desktop is xfce, otherwise completely unsure what is causing this issue. No apparent issues with SSD checking with smartctl.


Hi @000dio,

You are not alone, I assure you. But more information is needed to try and resolve this. To that end, please see:

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Hope you manage!

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…from after you’ve rebooted.

Sorry if I misunderstand what you are asking: You want messages from the reboot or after the lock screen log in goes to a black screen? The issue doesn’t come up on normal boot, but after logging in after lock screen, it will not be possible to use any terminal.

e.g. if I booted successfully now, but previous time I booted, afterwards I locked the screen and then there was a black screen after logging back in, you want the log from previous boot

journalctl --no-pager --catalog --boot=-1



Correct, yes please.

Let’s try narrowing it down, because, and I should’ve expected this, shyeeeeeeeeeesh…

Run the following, providing the link it spits out:

journalctl --no-pager --catalog --boot=-1 --priority=warning..err | curl -F 'file=@-'

I’m only adding the --priority= argument to limit the output to warnings and errors, then redirecting the output to

here you go, I was wondering whether you wanted the truncated output, but anyway - thanks

OK, after scanning, I’m sad to say that I can’t see anything…not that I’m all-knowing, despite what the forum thinks. So let’s hope someone else does know.


You helped out by letting me know what helpful information to post - thanks. With some luck this may mean it’s a minor issue after an update

post full system info:
inxi -zav7
output from:
sudo ldconfig

create a new test user, reboot, log in with the test user and see if it has the same issue…