How to report a bug?

My understanding is that I should report a bug in the development section.
Specifically I want to report a bug with the fpc package.
I thought that developement/other was probably the right place.
However when I try to create a topic in there I get a kind of “no entry” sign.
It seems that I don’t have the privileges or have misunderstood something.
What can I do please?

File a bug report on

done here

ok that didn’t work

" Closed by Antonio Rojas (arojas)
Wednesday, 30 March 2022, 16:54 GMT
Reason for closing: Not a bug
Additional comments about closing: This is not the Manjaro bug tracker"

As hinted by the category description, the Manjaro-Development category is not for support:

This section is for developers only, join in and get involved.

The entry category for support is, well, Support.

I am only going by what it said here

My system is working now. I have fixed it. I don’t need support.
What I want to do is to report what I found as a bug so that other people won’t need to do what I did to make it work.

Manjaro does have a bug tracker, though (logically) only for the tools they develop. fpc not being developed by Manjaro – nor Arch – it is at the original developers’ you need to report.

Reading the issue you opened at Arch, the forum where you found your workaround seems like the right place. The post even contains a link to the associated bug tracker.

I checkout this information:

pacman -Sii fpc | egrep '^URL|^Package'

If a user is using the Manjaro distribution, imho, it is always okay to report it in the Manjaro forum. Use the Category: Support. You may be directed to report an Issue on Manjaro’s gitlab or on the software’s website.

Some issues are clearly the software’s problem, and not related to the distribution. I list the software and visit the URL, and then checkout their support, bug database/issues, and forum. This way you can come back to the Manjaro forum and use this information to describe the problem. I see that is exactly what you did. :+1:

If you want to let Manjaro users know of a solution to a problem, I believe that could go in one of two places.

  1. Category: Support
    Use a good title.
    Mark it solved

  2. Although, the better spot would be, Category: Contribution > Tutorials

    The first line of the “About the Tutorials category” is:

    Tutorials are member-contributed posts that describe how to achieve something with Manjaro.