Stuck at grub every time after a reboot

My manjaro keeps getting stuck at the grub bootloader screen (I am not sure if it is called like this, what I mean is the interface that you can select grub menuentries) after reboot. “Stuck” means that the countdown stopped (the whole screen stopped) and any keyboard input has no response that I have to press the power button to shutdown and boot again. It seems that this problem only happens every time I do a reboot. If I just shutdown the system and then cold boot it’s ok. I don’t know when this problem started as it used to work properly.
Tell me if any logs and configurations is needed to locate the problem.

post full system info:
inxi -zav7
are you dual booting with windows? if yes, disable fast startup;
and disable fast boot in your bios/uefi - you may not have this option

Additionaly i would suggest to try different kernels

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Have you already :mag: for your problem in the forum ? (Wisdom lies in asking → listening → reading :wink: )

journalctl output from those failed restarts ?

Fast boot is already disabled.

Luckily the problem disappeared, though I didn’t do anything specific.
P.S. I noticed that my swapfile broke and I fixed it. I don’t know why. Perhaps this is related to my problem?

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