Input issues after switching applications

Since this update i have issues using Gnome;
when changing applications and later returning to them sometimes i can’t input anything using keyboard or mouse, scroll usually works.
This happened using WezTerm, kitty and Evolution.
Seems like the window is not really in focus somehow;
scrolling is possible, opening menus using mouse, selecting a different messages also (Evolution), but no drag and drop, keyboard-input (including shortcuts).
Any suggestions?


It could be related to my issue:
random keyboard freezes in Gnome native apps: Console, Editor… etc. Switching focus and starting printing in non-native gnome apps: Firefox, Slack…etc. unfreezes keyboard input, but again. It repeats randomly a hundred times a day and makes Gnome completely unusable.

after updating libnm, networkmanager (and a few browsers), the issue mysteriously disappeared for me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I also changed some settings around to my BTRFS setup and snapper, but that seems equally unrelated to the issue.
Best wishes for resolving the issue for you!

Not resolved :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Just happened again…

I have the same problem after the update. The system is practically unusable.

Workaround: right click on the window, that you want to have focus, select ‘Move’, click in window, focus is back.
Sometimes you have to do it two times.
Not very satisfying. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I think this issue on gnome’s gitlab is related: ibus input methods do not receive focus_out/focus_in events when the focus is moved between windows (Gnome Wayland, works in Gnome Xorg) (#6415) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-shell · GitLab

I hope it will be fixed soon!

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I thought the main point of the Manjaro two weeks policy was to avoid these kinds of issues… No any comments, no any solutions offered – btw – it looks like switching Gnome session to Xorg helps.

There might be a connection for these issues. Not sure what tho, make a new thread (supply more data, see here what to supply) and compare settings/extensions. For reference, I’m using gnome & wayland on testing branch and I cannot replicate the behavior.

Edit: see this thread @hactarr @shapeape @rafaelsarilho


Friendly reminder.
Since there are so many hardware and system configurations, it is impossible to provide a fool-proof, bug-free experience to everyone. Sometimes issues arise in stable, because no one in unstable and testing has the relevant configuration or use to make that issue show earlier.


You’re welcome to join the effort

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I have the same issue since this update: The window does not get focused correctly and thus I cannot input anything. My workaround is to open and close the activities overview once, then it usually works again.

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Same problem on my system. When I click on a window the focus goes to that window for a split second but then is being released immediately. Not always but often enough to be quite annoying. So far I could not figure out what is actually “grabbing” the focus. What works for me is dragging an affected window to the top screen edge to make it bigger and then releasing it from the edge by dragging it off. Sometimes an additional alt+tab is needed to bring focus to the desired window. Unfortunately, the problem returns after a few subsequent alt+tab actions.

I have the same problem. After some research I found a bug report upstream. The problem seems to be fixed in mutter-43.3-2. This package is already in unstable.

To test it out I installed the package from unstable manually. I know it is not a good idea to mix branches, but I decided to take the risk. The focus problems are gone with the new package.

It would be great if mutter-43.3-2 could be pushed to stable quickly.


Thank you so much. I think I will do the same as it is quite distracting like that. :wink:

I’m having a similar problem, the input field loses focus when I change the language layout. Not only does the input field lose focus, but the entire window as well.

I had a similar issue with window focus after the latest update. I downgraded to mutter 43.2-2, then restarted gnome-shell and it was fixed.

As the issue persists and no (testing/unstable) updates are in sight, i finally downgraded mutter today.
I already almost got used to press the super key all the time, to focus my windows. :laughing:

Here’s a link to the wiki about downgrading, for anyone with the same issues.

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The issue is fixed with 43.3-2 available in our testing and unstable all branches.

There was just a testing update yesterday. The unstable branch is synced from Arch multiple times per day.

EDIT: Fixed version and link


mutter 43.3-2 landed in stable now and fixed the problem for me! Thanks to everyone involved! :slight_smile:


Fixes the issue also for me! :+1:

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